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At 11 a.m. on Wednesday July 3rd, 2103, CATCH (Cwmtawe Action To Combat
Hardship) formally begins to operate scheduled opening hours. The door
that will be open is that of St David’s Church Hall, Ystalyfera,
courtesy of the Vicar, Churchwardens and PCC of St David’s, who have
permitted CATCH to create a work-station and foodstore within the Church

Scheduled opening hours from now on will be Wednesdays, 11 – 2 and
Fridays, 11 – 2.
CATCH also publishes today its hotline phone number, 07923 986379, by
which CATCH will be contactable outside opening hours.

CATCH is an independent voluntary organisation working to provide
emergency aid (initially food packs) and ancillary signposting support
to those in dire need in the communities at the head of the Tawe Valley,
where poverty is increasing and is indiscriminate in who it affects.

CATCH depends on professionals in social services, medicine, education
etc. who have signed up to act as spotters and voucher-givers. When the
voucher is presented to CATCH, a food pack is issued in response.

CATCH’s intention is to issue a food pack sufficient for five days,
provided its supplies allow. Each food pack will be ‘sized’ to the
particular beneficiary ( eg single adult, adult and young child, two
adults and child over 12 , etc).

CATCH handles only tinned, dried and UHT foods, in sealed packs. It does
not issue, for example, fresh fruit and veg, eggs, bread, or products
requiring refrigeration.

CATCH issued its first food pack on June 4th, and to date has issued 4
in all, against vouchers submitted by social workers and housing