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Harsh Times, Hard Facts

Today – and the fact it is April 1st is just an unfortunate coincidence – CATCH launches a second blog as part of its website.

Noticeboard has been with us from the start, and continues to be a valuable platform for all kinds of news and report about what CATCH is doing.

Harsh Times, Hard Facts – the new blog – will look wider and deeper and harder at the situations and policies which underlie the need for organisations like CATCH to be operating at all.

It will not always make comfortable reading.

Sometimes you may not agree with what we say, or link you to.

Sometimes you may want to contribute what your own experience has been.

In some of the topics we hope to look at, hard official facts are hard to come by – that is very much part of the present picture.

There are even instances where it is hard not to suspect an official willingness to mislead.

If you have personal experience of things we tackle, we will treat anything you tell us as a matter of confidence – that is, we will never cite it in a way which is traceable to you.

You can contact CATCH at talkback@catch-online.org.uk.

We have launched Harsh Times, Hard Facts with a post introducing a major area of concern, based on the stories we are hearing from some of those we help – the use and nature of sanctions within the welfare system, and particularly payments made to those on Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

We also hope, as a regular feature, to offer a round-up of some of the stories in the press which have caught our eye.