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Secretary’s Report to 2015 AGM

CATCH’s third Annual General meeting was held in Gurnos Chapel Vestry on March 4th 2015. This is the text of the Secretary’s Report for the year 2014-15:

CATCH’s 2014 AGM was held in St David’s Church Hall, and at that time CATCH was still operating from St David’s Church Hall,
We opened here in Gurnos Chapel for the first time a couple of weeks later, and from 21st March 2014, all Friday opening sessions have been in this Vestry. On May 7th, we opened here on a Wednesday for the first time, and since then all openings have been here.
The challenge then was to adapt and equip these spaces for our use, and you can see, just by looking around, the progress that has been made. We are indebted to committee members and volunteers for begging and scrounging units and materials; and to several other organisations who have donated us equipment and furniture, often, sadly because they were contracting or closing – notably Communities First, the Dulais Valley Project, and the Diabetes aid organisation.
You cannot at the moment see the work that has been done in the kitchen area – do go and look after the meeting. We are grateful to Jistcourt for their generous and efficient work in replastering that area and supplying and fitting units and a sink, and doing some rewiring for us – all at no cost to us.

As to the ‘work’ that CATCH has done:
I will try and give you some headline figures for the period March 2014 – February 2015. This task is complicated by the fact that in the second half of the year, our recording system has been changing to make it easier to present a fuller picture of who we have been helping – not in terms of naming individuals, but in terms of analysing households and relationships.
For the whole year, we can report the gross, or cumulative, numbers of people helped – that is to say, people are counted every time we are able to help them.
In these terms, in these twelve months CATCH has given out 320 packs, and by doing so has supported 412 adults, 145 children under 12 and 87 children over twelve. The best indicator of the scale of support given is what we call Person Fed Days (PFDs). For example, if we give a single man a pack intended to support him for 5 days, that amounts to 5 PFDs. We rate a child under 12 as half an adult, and so if we give a couple and one child under 12 food for five days, that amounts to 12.5 PFDs.
The total amount of support given by CATCH in its 2014-15 year, March 14 – February 15, was 2787 PFDs. That means that, averaged over the year, CATCH was supporting 7.63 people every day of the year. In December, the daily average was 13.35, in August it was 9.27, in January it was 8.85, and in February 8.67.
[By way of comparison, the figures reported to the 2014 AGM (figures which covered 9 months in all, and 8 months of full opening) were:
230 Food Packs issued, in support of 278 adults *, 61 children under 12 *, and 27 children over 12 *, making a total issue amounting to 1573.5 Person Fed Days (PFDs).]
For the last seven months of the year, we can go into more detail:
we can tell you the actual numbers of individuals helped;
adults 198; children -12  74 (Infants 4); children 12+ 42.
We can also break the adult figures down into types or classes:
67 single men
25 single women
24 single mothers
5 single fathers
couples with children – woman claiming 16, or man claiming 8
couples without children – woman claiming 9, or man claiming 4
households with more than one adult, but unrelated 2
(although even here, there is some repeat counting – we routinely analyse whether individuals come more than once within the calendar month, but these figures do not analyse whether individuals or families have been to us more than once across the months. )