November Report

This month the report comes early -  as the dates run, we shall not open again in November, though the month is not yet ‘out’.

During November, CATCH gave out 16 food packs, to

  • 9 single men
  • 5 couples, of which in 4 cases the woman claimed, and in 1 the man did
  • 1 single mother with children
  • 1 single father with children

supporting in all 22 adults, 10 children under 12 and 2 children over 12.
In all the support given amounted to 142 PFDs, an average of  4.58 PFDs for each day of the month.

The numbers are not overwhelming, compared to some previous periods; but many of these people were in serious difficulties of one kind or another.

Just one example: 4 packs supported people who had lost their former accommodation and had not yet found a new home; and in another case the break-up of a relationship may also yet lead to such difficulties.