TESCO Appeal update

It’s a huge ‘thank you’ to the Cwmtawe community for the way so many people responded on our Tesco Appeal Day in October.

We have recently completed the booking-in of what you gave us – and it amounted to a whopping 1853 items. Just to show what that means: if the ‘take’ is balanced across the range of foods we need to make up a pack, 1853 items will go out as 280 Person-Fed-Days. One Person-Fed-Day is a basic food-supply for one adult for a day. (Our packs normally contain 5 days’ worth of food.)

Can we now say to you who have donated: we need your help in another way, a way that will cost you nothing.You have given us this food, to support those who need it. Can you now help us to promote the understanding that it is ‘O.K.’ to look to CATCH for help when you need it ?

It is not ‘charity’. It is solidarity. It is the community looking after its own.

If you know a young family, for instance, who constantly have to watch every penny, and then are hit with a sudden major expense, say to them, “Why don’t you talk to CATCH ?’

Let’s be clear. We are not saying we are suddenly a free giveaway centre.

We give out what you have given us, with the respect your gifts deserve.

But we are anxious to reach local people in genuine need, in work or out of work, especially households with children, and we will help wherever we can see the need.