January Report, 2015

January Report

In January 2015, CATCH gave out 30 food packs,

in support of 28 individual adults, 12 individual children under 12, and 7 individual children over 12.


Taking into account people who returned for further help, those supported amounted in all to 41 adults, 15 children under 12 and 7 children over twelve.


The food aid given amounted in all to 1566 items, or 274.5 PFDs (Person Fed Days). In other words, across the month as a whole, CATCH was supporting 8.85 people every day.


In January CATCH supported


8 single men

7 single women

3 single fathers

2 single mothers

2 couples without children (in both cases, it was the woman who came to us)

4 couples with children. (In 2 cases, the woman came to us, in 1 case the man came to us, and in the final instance, the man and the woman came to us on separate occasions three weeks apart.)