November Report – 6 months’ activity

Dec 4th was CATCH’s half-anniversary of active operation – the first food pack was issued on June 4th 2013.

When the doors closed on Wednesday December 4th, we had issued pack no. 143. These packs have supported 168 adults, 37 children under 12 and 9 children over 12. By the calculation that has been explained here before, in all, it amounted to 907.5 PFDs (person-fed-days).

In November, CATCH issued 37 packs, in support of 39 adults, 6 children under 12 and 3 children over 12, a total of 219 PFDs – an average of 7 people supported through each and every day of November.

In November, we used 1240 items. However, we booked in to the system 1820 items, of which 299 had been received and processed before the beginning of November, but entered on to the system only after. So CATCH has received and booked in 1521 items during November, and, as in previous months, there remains significant stock that we have been given which has yet to go through the system. Even so, the recorded balance of stock in hand within the system at the end of the month was 3369, as compared with 2789 at the end of October.

So the support of the community has been faithful and indeed increasing. We thank particularly those several individuals who have brought us items with Christmas in mind, and we thank Maesmarchog School for a significant donation which came in via the Dove Workshops at Banwen, and for continuing support from St David’s, St Cynog’s and many individual friends.

Christmas now inevitably begins to colour our thoughts, and we shall be able to offer some small additional cheer to those we help this month.

However, problems with utility bills, and concerns about cold and heating, are beginning to feature in the circumstances of those we are helping, and we are bracing ourselves for the demands January and February may bring.